RTX- 300

RTX- 300  is a  High Power Through Breed from RTX Family Ac Machine  Highly power densely and light weight These advanced PMSM motors produce up to 100 Nm peak torque torque   and 30 kW of peak power from a minimum axial length of just 250 mm.

The RTX- 300  features wide torque rpm band enhanced durability and endurance  characteristics .

motor rt 300
RTX 100 Motor

Design Features

  • Best-in-class torque and power density. Peak power density 1.5 kW/kg
  • Air cooled stator with optional integrated liquid cooling
  • Enclosed (IP67) and cartridge types
  • Through-shaft mounting and stacking capability
  • *Subject to drive cycle, thermal conditions and controller capability

RTX- 300   is available in range of torque and speed combinations that provide the optimum performance in different applications. Please contact us for detailed information..

Technical specifications
Motor Type Internal Permanent Magnet
Rated Power 15 kw
Max Power 30 kw
Volltage 120 volt
Rated amps 200
Max Rpm 7000
Rated Torque 30 Nms
Max Torque 100 Nms
Max Temp 140 ºC
Ingress protection IP65
Efficiency 92%
Weight 25.5 kg