Passenger Electric Rickshaw Amaxxo

High Efficiency Electric motor are a Crucial milestone in building a PowerTrain that can Propel electric adoption .

At Amaxxo we realize the important of this precursor for electric dream to become a reality and hence efficiency is the core focus of our engineering design .

Amaxxo Motors are the High efficicency , Power Dense and lighter AC Electrical machine that can drive Automotive , industrial and Marine Applications.

Amaxxo products ranges from 2 kw to 50 kw System with high Volume production infrastructure .

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Amaxxo Production ready model and fully customizable models are optimized for integration into electric vehicle power trains.. 

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customized soultions

Customized Solutions

Explore our technology to find the best customized product for you power train performance.

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Amaxxo Engineering

Amaxxo Innovative approach to design and engineering delivers efficient and cost effective solutions.

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